Exempt Fireman’s Association

Meeting Info


  • PRESIDENT Robert M. Kazimir
  • VICE PRESIDENT Stanley R. Derewsky
  • SECRETARY William F. Moran
  • TREASURER Michael C. Hofmann, Jr.
  • TRUSTEES Patrick Agugliaro
  • Gerard V. Driscoll
  • Stephen J. Minue


P. Agugliaro *                S. Hoover*               S. Minue

G. Allen *                      R. Kazimir*               Wm. Moran

Wm. Balog*                   J. Kelly                    J. Roder *

G. Beyer *                      P. Kerchner*            J. Salt *

B. Derewsky                   G. Kushman              A. Terebetsky    

S. Derewsky *                 R. Latshaw               S. Terebetsky *

G. Driscoll                      C. Macones               G. Titz *

D. Eidson                       A. Mazzarella             K. Wilcox 

M. Hofmann, Jr.              D. Medina                 J. Wirzbicki 


* - Life Member



Meeting Info

MEETING TIME: 7PM - Second Wednesday of Month

Avenel Fire House, 2nd Floor Meeting Hall

No Meetings in July or August



Organizational Purpose

This organization is formed for perpetuating the social relation among members of the Avenel Exempt Firemen's Association.




Membership shall be composed of Firemen who have received a Certificate of Exemption from the New Jersey State Firemen's Association.

To obtain membership, an applicant must be proposed by a member in good standing and fill out an application form. This form shall be accompanied by proof from the New Jersey State Firemen's Association that an applicant has received his seven (7) years to be an Exempt Firemen.